Scott Densem

Scott applies an exceptional 40 plus years of skill and experience as a barrister, mediator, and arbitrator to any case he is tasked to resolve or decide. In almost a dozen years of mediating and arbitrating full time, Scott has successfully mediated thousands of disputes, conducted many arbitration hearings, and authored more than forty arbitration awards.

For more than 25 years, Scott was a trial lawyer practicing in the field of civil litigation, specializing in insurance law. In his career as a barrister, Scott was counsel on many cases before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, The Ontario Court of Appeal, and on arbitrations or hearings before various commissions, boards and tribunals.

In 1998, Scott was certified by the Advocate’s Society as having successfully completed its Intensive Mediation Workshop conducted through Harvard Law School. Scott steadily increased his work as a mediator and arbitrator while conducting a civil litigation practice as a partner with Lawson, McGrenere, LLP. In 2008, Scott left private practice to become a full time mediator and arbitrator as president of Densem ADR Solutions Inc.

Counsel who have mediated or arbitrated with Scott have commented that he brings a complete skill set to bear on cases. He understands and is experienced in his subject matter; he is balanced and fair in his approach; and he has an innate common sense that produces reasonable and just results.

It has been said of Scott’s mediation style that he has both a tireless work ethic, and a personable manner, a combination that maximizes the likelihood of settling a case involving even the most difficult facts or personalities.

Emily Densem

Emily maintained a civil litigation practice including two years focusing on insurance law with Dutton Brock LLP before joining the Densem ADR team. She managed many tort and accident benefit files from inception to closure, was lead counsel in several Small Claims Court trials, and assisted senior counsel on Superior Court trials.

In January, 2019, Emily began actively managing the Densem ADR practice. In October, 2019, she was certified by the Harvard Negotiation Institute as having successfully completed its Mediating Disputes Course conducted through Harvard Law School. She has also trained extensively with mediator/arbitrator, Scott Densem, and has attended numerous industry sponsored educational programs with Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA), Canadian Defence Lawyers (CDL) and Ontario Bar Association (OBA) in addition to others.

Prior to attending law school, Emily attended Florida Institute of Technology on an academic and athletic (softball) scholarship. She graduated with a Masters Degree in Business Administration, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication, with a specialization in Business and Marketing Communication.

Having to balance a difficult academic course load with a demanding training and travel schedule, Emily became extremely proficient at accomplishing much with limited available time. She is a quick study, and works efficiently in fast-paced, pressure situations. Her involvement in competitive sports has enhanced her leadership abilities and interpersonal skills, both of which have been instrumental in developing her mediating style.