Arbitration Awards

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Accident (SABS Definitions, s. 2)


Accident (SABS Definitions s. 2, SABS Reg. 283/95 s. 3 Pre-September, 2010, Waiver, Estoppel)


Arbitration Costs (Arbitration Act, 1991, s.54; SABS Reg. 283/95, s.9)


Completed Application (Ont. Reg. 283/95, s.3)


Deemed Named Insured (SABS 3(7) (f)), (OPF 1, 2.2.3), (OPCF 5)


Deemed Named Insured (Pre-September, 2010, SABS s. 66)


Document Discovery (Implied Waiver of Privilege – Legal Opinions


Expense Recovery in Priority Disputes


Funeral Benefit Incurred (Pre-September, 2010, SABS s.26)


Insured Person (SABS s.2(1) and Excluded Driver


Insurer (SABS Reg. 283/95, s. 2)


Limitation Period (Insurance Act s. 275 – Loss Transfer)

  • Federation v. Kingsway, December 16, 2010
  • Affirmed in Markel Insurance Company of Canada v. ING Insurance Company of Canada, and Federation Insurance Company of Canada v. Kingsway General Insurance Company, 2012 ONCA 218 (CanLII)


Limitation Period (SABS Reg. 283/95, s. 7 (3))


Loss Transfer (Insurance Act, s. 275) Apportionment of Loss Transfer Indemnification


Loss Transfer (Insurance Act, s. 275) Fault Determination Rules


Loss Transfer (Insurance Act, Reg. 664) Heavy Commercial Vehicle, Waiver, Estoppel


Loss Transfer (Insurance Act, s. 275) Requirements for Indemnity Claim


Notice of Dispute Between Insurers (SABS Reg. 283/95, s.3)


Optional SABS (Insurance Act, s. 268, OPCF 47)


Policy Coverage (Insurance Act 268 (5.2), “Occupant”, “Deemed Named Insured”)


Policy Coverage (Insurance Act s. 224 (1) “occupant” – “passenger”, s. 268 2 (2) iii. “involved in the incident”)


Policy Coverage (OPCF16)


Policy Coverage (OPCF1, Commercial Umbrella Liability)


Policy Termination (Agency)


Policy Termination (Non-Renewal)


Policy Termination (Reg. 777/93 – Statutory Conditions)


Principal Dependency (SABS Definitions, s. 2 (6))


Reasonable Investigation, Withdrawal of Priority Acceptance, Restitution (SABS Reg. 283/95 s. 3.1, 7 (6))


Spouse (SABS Definitions 3 (1)


Withdrawal of Priority Acceptance, Equitable Relief