Scott Densem – Fee Schedule

Scott Densem’s Fees


Full Day (Up to 7 hours):

2 parties: $5,750


Half Day (Up to 4 hours):

2 parties: $4,250


The fees include preparation, travel time, and conducting the mediation.


The full day and half day fees increase by $700 for each additional party.


Full day fees apply to mediations scheduled for a half day which exceed 4 hours.


If the mediation exceeds seven hours on the scheduled date(s), and/or Scott provides mediation services at the request of the parties subsequent to the scheduled date(s), the time in excess of seven hours, or the subsequent mediation services provided will be invoiced in addition to the full day fee at $575 per hour for each additional hour or part thereof.

Disbursements and HST


Disbursements and HST will be charged in addition to the fee. Disbursements may include facility costs, catering, parking, and travel outside of the GTA. If you have any questions regarding disbursements, please raise them when scheduling the mediation.

Cancellation Policy


Cancellations must be requested in writing (e.g. email, letter). If the mediation is cancelled more than 25 business days before the scheduled date, there is no fee. If the mediation is cancelled within 25 business days of the scheduled date, a cancellation charge equivalent to 50% of the fee for the type of mediation scheduled, plus disbursements (if any) and HST will be invoiced. Densem ADR will invoice the cancellation fee in accordance with the parties’ agreement. If the parties cannot agree, Densem ADR will invoice all parties who have agreed to our retainer in equal shares. The parties are responsible for paying the invoice upon receipt. If we are able to schedule another matter for the cancelled date, there is no fee. If the fee has already been invoiced and paid, it will be refunded. Rescheduling a cancelled date is not an exception to a cancellation fee. While rescheduling is appreciated, it does not replace the fees for the cancelled date which could have been booked by another client.