Scott Densem – Fee Schedule

Scott Densem’s Mediation Fees


Half Day (Up to 4 hours): 2 parties: $4,500

Full Day (Up to 7 hours): 2 parties: $5,950


The half day and full day fees increase by $750 for each additional party.

Mediation services in excess of the allotted hours will be invoiced at the rate of $750 per hour. 

The fees include preparation, travel time, and conducting the mediation.


Scott Densem’s Arbitration Fees


After Scott accepts the appointment as Arbitrator, you will receive a letter confirming the terms and fees for arbitration services.

Disbursements and HST


Disbursements and HST will be charged in addition to the fee. Disbursements may include facility costs, catering, parking, and travel outside of the GTA. If you have any questions regarding disbursements, please raise them when scheduling the mediation.

Cancellation Policy


Mediation cancellation must be requested in writing (e.g. email, letter). If the mediation is cancelled less than 25 business days before the scheduled date, the parties are responsible to pay a cancellation charge equivalent to 50% of the cost of mediation services as set forth in the Mediation Agreement. If the parties agree on terms of payment for the cancellation charge, Densem ADR will invoice the cancellation charge in accordance with the parties’ agreement. If the parties cannot agree on terms of payment for the cancellation charge, the parties are equally responsible to Densem ADR for payment of the cancellation charge, and Densem ADR will invoice the parties in equal shares. Rescheduling a cancelled date is not an exception to a cancellation charge.